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How it Works: Using Statistics

Learning to analyse statistics is the key to mastering the lottery. How likely is the number 9 to be drawn next week? What are the odds of a 5-number sequence occurring? LotWin is the perfect way to analyse statistics and learn to predict trends.

How does it work?

Operating on the theory of probability, LotWin provides odds on the appearance of any number. Simply put, if the number 9 has appeared in three of the last four draws, then it is less than 0.01% likely to appear in the fourth. LotWin highlights numbers which haven't appeared for a long time, numbers which appear frequently, and pairs of numbers which have been in the winning line. [Screen shot: Filters]

Statistics Windows

LotWin offers five statistics windows. You can use these to display the expected appearance of certain numbers or groups against their actual appearance. You can also analyse the frequency of certain numbers, and the frequency of number pairs and groups. [Screen shot]

Mastering Statistics

Mastering statistical analysis is the first step to success - not just in the lottery but in all games of chance. The most likely outcome isn't always the actual outcome, but statistical analysis provides a real insight for anyone with ambitions to enter the serious lottery game.

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