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How it Works: Result Analysis

What's the latest from your lottery? This section contains results for more than 100 worldwide lotteries. You'll see which numbers have appeared most frequently, and which filters would have won the most prizes. Use these tables to create advanced filters for your own entries.

Just select your lottery to view the result tables. 5-ball lotteries or 6-ball lotteries

Using the analysis

The results are split into expected and actual outcomes. Under EXPECTED you can see the statistical frequency of each number or filter. Under ACTUAL you'll see results from the last 100 draws. Figures in red indicate that the ACTUAL result is somewhat lower than the EXPECTED result (in other words, the red number or filter is overdue an appearance). Figures in blue indicate that the ACTUAL result is higher than the EXPECTED result as it is the result of the last draw (don't expect a blue number or filter to perform as highly).

What the filters mean

Odd-Even: shows the proportion of odd to even numbers which appeared in a winning line. For instance, 2-4 indicates that two numbers were odd and the remaining four were even in a 6-ball lottery.
Low-High: numbers from the lower half and the higher half are compared. 2-3 indicates that two numbers were from the lower half of the range, and three were in the higher half in a 5-ball lottery.
Consecutive: each number denotes a group of consecutive numbers. The line 4,5,6,12,20,29 would be represented as 3-1-1-1-0-0 (three consecutive numbers '4,5,6' and three non-consecutives).
Width of line: this indicates the difference between the highest number in the line and the lowest number in the line.
Sum of line: this is the line's total numerical value.

You can download LotWin and try all 30 filters.

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