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How it Works: Using Filters

There are two important factors in the LotWin process: probability, and your intuition. Filters allow you to apply both.

How does it work?

Statistical analysis has already allowed you to identify trends or likely numbers - perhaps the number 9 is overdue an appearance, or more odd than even numbers have appeared in the last year. Using this information, combined with your intuition, you can specify criteria for LotWin to filter your entries.

Group Filters

Typically, you'd first use a Group Filter to narrow down your entries, and then apply further filters until the entries are significantly reduced. A Group filter is a broad filter, allowing you to select (for example) lines containing only odd numbers, or lines where the last digit is high. Common group filters include:
Consecutive Filter - filters out lines with more than two or three consecutive numbers
Sum of Line Filter - filters out lines where the sum of all the numbers is over (or under) a certain number
Last Digit Filter - filters out lines according to their last digit
Width of Line Filter - filters lines according to the difference between the lowest/highest number in each line
Odd/Even - filters out lines with more/less odd numbers than even
LotWin has nearly 30 filters including the new Prime Numbers and Lucky Numbers filters. [Screen shot]

Number Filters

Number Filters are usually narrower criteria. Perhaps you don't want any numbers that appeared in the last lottery draw. You would apply the With Last Draw filter to remove these numbers from your selection. You can also specify certain numbers that you want to appear in every line; this could be your age, your lucky number, or a number that is overdue an appearance. Finally, you can enter a set of numbers and ask LotWin to return lines featuring a certain proportion of them. If your birthday was 25 October 1940, you could set up a 'number set' to return entries which contain any one or more numbers from 25, 10, 19 and 40.
LotWin supports Unlimited Number Sets for any range of correct numbers. [Screen shot]

User Filters

This has to be seen to be believed! You can create your own 'Sum of Line' and 'Width of Line' filters real-time with full statistics on past results for any range you care to choose. Download LotWin and try it.

What happens next?

You've mastered the statistical analysis, you've created your filters, and LotWin has provided a selection of entries. What next?

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