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Play lotteries from around the world


How it Works: Coverage

LotWin lottery software can be used to analyse the results from lotteries all over the world.

From Australia to the UK, and from Asia to the USA thousands of people are already using LotWin to improve their lottery chances. Read the testimonials!

LotWin can be used with 5-ball and 6-ball lotteries, with bonus-ball lotteries (like the Euromillions and Powerball), and with lotteries that have more than one draw every day.

How do I choose my lottery?

When you order LotWin, you'll be asked to specify the lotteries you'd like to enter. LotWin arrives with a database of the latest results from your chosen lottery (or lotteries). You can start analysing these results straight away.

First, check that your lottery is covered by our database. Check our lists of 6 ball and 5 ball lotteries.

What if your country isn't on the list?

If your lottery isn't covered, you can still use LotWin: all you have to do is create a New Lottery file. Simply open the 'New Lottery' window, type in the number of balls and the prize categories. You can even set up a printable coupon template to make multiple entries easier.

LotWin Lottery Line Builder covers any 25-60 ball lottery with 1 or 2 bonus balls from the same or different set with dedicated filters and number sets specifically designed for each particular lottery!

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