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The System

What's your winning formula? The revolutionary LotWin software allows you to build your own formula for success. From statistical analysis to printing out your tickets, it's easy with LotWin.

Introducing the lottery revolution

Quite simply, LotWin allows you to analyse past results and predict potential winning numbers for almost any lottery in the world. Starting with every possible line for your lottery, use LotWin to define criteria (like “no even numbers” or “must contain 9”) and narrow down your choice. The software contains an invaluable database of previous results for your lottery. All you have to do is analyse them and use your intuition to select a winning formula.

What makes LotWin better?

Inferior lottery software allows you to choose a limited set of numbers and generate entries from them (wheeling). LotWin begins with every possible entry and narrows them down according to your specification. The power is completely in your hands.

Making your selection

At the heart of LotWin are its filters. These are criteria which you'll use to narrow down your selection. If you only want lines that contain the number 26 (your wife's/husband's age), simply create a filter. LotWin comes with a huge database of statistics (telling you how likely single numbers or groups are to appear) that you can use to inform your filters. Once you've created your filters and produced a selection of entries, you can store, edit, and print them directly onto tickets. You'll then continue to refine and develop your system as more results come in.

What does it cost?

Running LotWin for one lottery costs just £5.99 per month pricing details here. But don't reach for your cash just yet - sign up for a free trial to see what LotWin offers you in return.

Want to know more?

Find out exactly how LotWin works in our comprehensive guide (left). Ready to try it out? Sign up for a Free Trial. It's completely free, there's no obligation, and it takes about five minutes.

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