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How it Works: Entry Reduction

Once you've chosen your filters and clicked 'Build', LotWin could return anything from just a few to thousands of entries. But you wouldn't want to spend that much on lotto tickets. So how do you narrow down your list?

It's easy. LotWin has a built-in real-time reduction feature - use this to pick out the lotto entries most likely to contain a winning combination.

How does it work?

Suppose your initial selection included a winning entry - maybe it even included the jackpot. Unfortunately, you don't know which one it is. So use Entry Reduction to narrow down the list - without losing the most probable winners. Tell LotWin what result you require, and how much to reduce the list by, and it will do the rest. [Screen shot: Reduction window]

Standard Reduction

This option reduces your entries, trawling through them for the most statistically-probable lines, and makes this guarantee: If your initial selection included the jackpot entry, there will be at least one entry in the reduced selection that wins a prize. [Screenshot: Reduction Results.]

Optimum Reduction

This option reduces your entries to an even smaller selection. When LotWin supplies your reduced list, it will tell you how likely these entries are to contain a winning line. You can then decide whether the odds are good enough. [Screenshot: Reduction Guarantee.]

What happens next?

Now you've produced a list of lines according to your criteria, you can save, edit and print them using LotWin's built-in tools.

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